Frequently asked questions about Bali Mojo

Q. What’s the recommended dosage?

A. 20 to 30 minutes prior to an intimate encounter, take 2 Bali Mojo capsules. The effects of the Bali Mojo capsules can actually last for up to 3 days. As your blood circulation improves, you may want to try and cut your intake to 1 capsule (and still obtain the desired results).


Q. How long does Bali Mojo take to work?

A. Combining an unique blend of herbs, Bali Mojo helps to enhance blood flow to the penis and increase testosterone levels (which increases the libido). The increased blood flow to the genital area will help a man get and maintain a hard erection.



Q. Does Bali Mojo still work with alcohol?

A. One of the biggest benefits of taking Bali Mojo is that it still works with alcohol – even large amounts of it! This is why Bali Mojo has become such a hit in night clubs.



Q. Are there any negative side effects?

A. Another added bonus of using Bali Mojo is that you’ll experience zero negative side effects. The individual herbal components used are all known to have no adverse side effects, and there have been no reported cases of experiencing side effects either (since Bali Mojo launched in 2003).



Q. Can I take Bali Mojo with other medications?

A. Yes – to date, there are no reported complications with taking Bali Mojo with other medications. Of course, it’s recommended that you seek your health professional’s advice if you have any concerns about this.


Q. Can Bali Mojo be taken safely if I have a heart problem, diabetes, hypertension or other existing medical condition?

A. No excessive heart or blood pressure has been triggered due to taking Bali Mojo with existing medical conditions. However, it’s always recommended that anyone under medical supervision check with their doctor before taking any sort of supplement. There are some drugs – especially ones associated with high blood pressure – that may diminish the effects of Bali Mojo.